If most of your B2B revenues come from Key Accounts,
then you need to test your KAM-Quotient!

Winning Key Accounts is hard, but keeping them and growing them is even harder.
The best Key Account Managers know that the one thing harder than landing Key Accounts is to grow them.
How ready are you to grow yours? Take the KQ quiz and find out!


The KQ quiz will take about 5-7 minutes to complete.
It has 3 parts and a total of 9 Questions.

Please answer them all to get your final KQ score!

Part 1

Awareness Level

Part 2

Relationship Strength

Part 3

Strategic Insight

Part 1: Whitespace & Opportunity Awareness

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Your B2B key accounts are typically large, complex, global accounts with multiple ‘buying units’. Usually a function, department, geography or their combination.
Do you have visibility into these buying units as you drive your account planning?

Have you identified all the unique buying units within your customer’s global organisation?*

Key account growth comes from your account manager’s ability to effective cross-sell & up-sell into the account.

Do you have visibility into where your account managers can align new offerings across each of the customer’s buying Units?*

Knowing where competitors are embedded within your key accounts and identifying your wallet share helps uncover opportunities for growth and value creation.

Have you successfully mapped your competitors to buying units within your customer organization?*

Part 2: Relationship Strength

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Knowing where your current relationship is categorized helps you trigger a forward action plan for success. The investment you will make on your key accounts begins with knowing where your current relationship stands - are you a tactical vendor, a strategic partner or somewhere in between?

Have you conducted an objective assessment of your relationship strength?*

Key account management is all about knowing the right people in the account, and leveraging the right relationships at the right time for the right opportunity. Leveraging the formal and informal affiliations with key contacts can make all the difference.

How well do you know your Key Contacts:
We have a detailed customer contact hierarchy/ Organizational Chart*
We know who are the gatekeepers/ decision Makers*
We know the political map- influencers/ supporters/ detractors*

Part 3: Strategic Insight

3/ 4

Long-term engagements are defined by value creation and that is possible only when strategic goals are aligned.

Would you say your current engagement is aligned to client strategic goals for the present and the future?*

Revenue goal setting is the outcome of a complex set of variables, including buying unit wise potential, offering wise potential, past numbers, competitor analysis, customer goals, regulatory constraints etc.

Do you have a clear goal setting process in place?*

Annual planning is a critical, time-consuming exercise that decides your fate for the year. Being able to build, share, track and govern the plan for a complex, global Account, while collaborating with others and bringing in joint accountability to growth is crucial to meeting key account goals

Are you able to prepare, share and track your annual plan smoothly with all internal stakeholders?*
You are one step away from seeing your Quiz Score!
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Knowing that you are not fully KAM ready is half the battle won. If a bulk of your revenues comes from key Accounts, you can’t afford to ignore a structured approach to manage and grow these valuable Clients. The risks of not doing so include stagnation and decline of Key Account revenues, spending valuable resources and time on the wrong initiatives, missed business opportunities and of course, potential loss of the Account.  KAM Enablement technology can give you the best, shortest, most cost-effective path to managing and growing your Key Account relationships.

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Hang In there!

You are well on your way to developing a structured KAM Strategy to manage and grow Key Account Revenues most effectively. To have come this far and to not push to the finish would be a lost opportunity. Explore the strategic advantage KAM Enablement can give your KAM initiatives and see the exponential results in the short term.

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Congratulations. You are a KAM-Superstar.

You are as focused on revenues as you are on value creation.

You know your own business, your Clients business, and competitors.
If you aren’t already using KAM Enablement technology, you could explore it to see what efficiencies could emerge in your processes. It may also help you better marry the Art and Science of Key Account Management for sustained results.

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